Responsibly Managing Supply Chain Chemical Compliance in the Decade of Regulatory Affairs

Sunday, 5 December 2013

Baytouch CEO, Malcolm Pollard, gave a talk to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Chemical Management Group at their quarterly meeting at the BRC Head Office in Westminster.

The British Retail Consortium is the lead and only trade association covering the whole of the retail industry with a mission to make a positive difference by advancing vibrant and consumer focused retail seeking to shape debates and influence outcomes.

Whilst the term "chemical handling" wouldn't ordinarily spring to mind when thinking of retailers, many of them are significant importers of substances, mixtures and articles into the EU and so have importer responsibilities under REACH.

Malcolm Pollard presented on the evolution of chemical handling regulations, particularly in the context of REACH and how it has come to touch everyone and every organisation and is now driving the development of business management processes and policies in diverse organisations, even for retailers who have previously not been exposed to REACH in any great detail.

The conclusion of his talk was that a systematic approach to request and receive supplier information and guard against exceeding import tonnage thresholds, SVHC and other non-regulatory list substances was required leading to:

  • Increased response levels to information changes
  • Improved change management
  • Supporting best practices and demonstrate leadership in chemical handling management
  • Instituted Compliance dashboard leading to supplier benchmarking
  • Lowered risk which promotes corporate sustainability and a positive image

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