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Supplier Questionnaires – relevant information or do we just want compliance proof?

Mon, 7 Mar 2016

Supplier questionnaires are increasingly to the fore in EU REACH and other Supply Chain Communication discussions, and there seems to be a lot of hype about what is necessary. Yes, it would be great to get every last bit of information and detail from your suppliers but, you know what, their time is as precious as yours and by making their lives difficult you leave yourself open to a stonewall response or, at the very least, unintentionally incorrect or inaccurate information.

In reality the first goal under REACH is to ask the questions, to get some sort of response back, to demonstrate that you have acted reasonably and in good faith and that you have proof after the fact.

Companies need more than the ability to send out a simple "survey" using an online survey tool because the Supply Chain data being collected is often complex, may include attachments, and may take some time for the recipient to gather all the relevant information to complete the questionnaire.

Equally, the one-off “campaign-type” approach, surveying everyone simultaneously as evidenced in low cost consumer survey tools, is not appropriate in many cases. For instance, you may have a new supplier to survey or you are surveying a discrete set of products from a limited number of suppliers. With product portfolios constantly changing and regulation requirements updating, a more proactive, targeted and collaborative approach is necessary rather than a single function survey tool.

Baytouch’s ProductTraq Supply Chain solution is based on our 6+ years of high quality SIEF member questionnaire engagement through our ReachSuite solution set which has significant benefits over paper-based, Microsoft Office file-based and single function generic questionnaire systems:

- The online questionnaire’s processing logic and field validation ensure data consistency and accuracy
- Make life easier for your suppliers by providing a secure portal with guidance and help available
- Build up a library of adaptable questionnaires to ensure you ask the right questions
- Questionnaires can be updated and re-sent periodically, whilst retaining historic data to save suppliers having to fill in information from scratch
- Provide a consistent audit trail of information gathered
- Select the relevant information to pass on to customers in a controlled manner and without having to retype
- Search effectively for acquired information, even within attachments

But at this stage, let’s be realistic, if you can easily and seamlessly present your suppliers with relevant brief and to the point questionnaires, and most importantly, increase the odds for them filling it in by making it as easy as possible in an online tool, you may be making headway. You will have demonstrated that you have undertaken due diligence, acted reasonably and in good faith and you have the proof.

Baytouch’s ProductTraq does the simple stuff really well and the complex data collection thoroughly; by making life easier for your supplier to give you the relevant information, you are more likely to be able to collect detailed and accurate reports for deeper insights into your supply chains.

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