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Football, business and politics

Fri, 11 Jul 2014

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil reaches its climax this weekend, although I’m not a big fan of football – at the highest level, it’s more like “entertainment” on a par with a TV soap or high opera, or both. But I have marvelled at the entertainment quotient and high–end skills whenever I have turned the TV on, England not withstanding :-(

That Friday night when the Netherlands trounced France, Brazil’s annihilation by the German team, and many more surprises like some of the “lesser” teams, Costa Rica, Chile, Belgium’s progress, the Suarez bite and all the denials from him and his teammates – you couldn't make that stuff up.

So with England long gone, who to support? I actually found myself cheering on Germany the other night – how brusque, how efficient, how clinical, the same as when they wiped the floor with England back in South Africa 2010.

But hold on, isn’t this the European representative now in the Final and as over 60% of Baytouch’s revenues derive from within Europe (excl. the UK), shouldn't I want my business associates’ teams to do well, certainly if England doesn’t? And they even may buy more from Baytouch….

And I have been amused by the number of “cod” psychology and motivation articles appearing on LinkedIn – why the USA goalkeeper, Tim Howard, did so well, in management speak; why the Brazilians failed, why the Germans succeeded; how taking penalties relates to business – get real. Its just a game, or gamer–tainment if you like, don’t get too deep.

About the only lessons I would take are that individual brilliance doesn’t convert to success if you are carrying people; recognize and seize your opportunities when you can; that planning, hardwork and teamwork are the crucial difference  – aka Germany and probably Argentina to a certain extent - and a lot like business

Luis Suarez Footnote

And on the day he has transferred from Liverpool to Barcelona for some sort of mega fee - entertainment again! - I wouldn’t be too concerned that he is short of things to do during his 4 month ban from the game.

From the IBM Smartcloud Events Agenda:

July Community Webcast: Top 5 Social Business Adaptation Tips
Date: Jul 16, 2014
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Eastern Time)
Hosted by: Oliver Heinz (IBM)
Presented by: Oliver Heinz (IBM), Luis Suarez, Tony Holder
Please join us for the June ICS Community Webcast with special guests Luis Suarez and Tony Holder

Many of you know Luis from his 14 years of working experience as a lead social business enabler at IBM. He is now Chief Emergineer, People Enabler and a Charter Member of Change Agents Worldwide. This month Luis will be sharing what his Top 5 Social Business Adoption Tips would be, so you can help accelerate the pace of how your organizations becomes a successful Socially Integrated Enterprise right from the start!

Can it be the same person, talking about successful Socially Integrated Enterprises? Er, no, probably not...