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Making Louisiana our ‘Home for Home’

Mon, 15 Sep 2014

Just six short months ago I enjoyed spending  some time Stateside in Louisiana. I was there to evaluate market opportunities, to visit some valued clients and to spread the word about Baytouch’s cloud-based portfolio of workplace safety and PSM solutions. It was real hard to be immune to the considerable leisure-time opportunities that a State like Louisiana presents, but I stuck at it!

I spent the first week at the CCPS and AIChE PSM Conference in New Orleans and it never ceases to amaze me when I visit “Norleans” what a “party town” it is, and how the local citizenry manage to go about their everyday business with Bourbon Street in their midst.

But it was Baton Rouge in particular that made a considerable impression on me. The Mississippi through Louisiana has always been a magnet for the petrochemical industry and the advent of US continental shale has turned it into a boom region for investment and jobs.

So much so that I decided to return again this year, for the Governor’s Annual Safety and Health Conference on October 6th and 7th. With 3 clients already in the area, it makes a lot of sense for Baytouch to be there and we will be exhibiting and giving demonstrations of PSMmonitor – our modular suite of browser-accessed workplace safety & PSM solutions with configurable PSPIs.

I’m very much looking forward to making this return trip. Louisiana has the greatest concentration of crude oil refineries, natural gas processing plants and petrochemical production facilities in the Western Hemisphere and I have been impressed by the cultural richness and warmth of welcome this city extended to me – where it seems that every firm has the culture and values of a happy family.

Baytouch needs an operations base in North America as we continue to grow our US market and Baton Rouge pretty well ticks all the boxes so I have decided we should put our roots down in there and make it our ‘home from home’. After all, as the State’s publicity says, “There is no place like Louisiana!”.

Will you be at the Louisiana State Governor’s Safety and Health Conference in October?  Please reach out to me on LinkedIn or by email if you’d like to meet up and have a chat about how we can help your business manage workplace safety more effectively.  I shall be there and available for meetings from October 2nd through to October 10th and looking forward to catching up with a few old friends and making a great many more.